The Design, Installation and Maintenance of Intruder Alarms, Access Control & CCTV Systems. The Design, Installation and Maintenance of BS8418 VVS (Detector Activated CCTV) Systems.

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Access Controls

Many organisations are restricting access to their premises due to theft and other security issues. To combat this we have a comprehensive range of products from simple door intercoms with door release to more sophisticated PC based systems which allow logging of entry exit times and scheduling. Features include proximity tag readers/badge printing etc. A range of door locks are available from magnetic locks to more robust solenoid drop bolt units. These systems can be interfaced to the fire alarm panel for instant release and roll call printouts where necessary.

Control of the following products are available:

We can also provide biometric systems which may need thumb/ finger or palm print.

Multisite control available via WAN and instant update of door controllers to remove users instantly.

Management of your staff access can be controlled offsite via our Netview remote monitoring facility.


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