The Design, Installation and Maintenance of Intruder Alarms, Access Control & CCTV Systems. The Design, Installation and Maintenance of BS8418 VVS (Detector Activated CCTV) Systems.

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Protecting your assets

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We install various levels of security systems from domestic to industrial, including high security systems with panic alarm facilities and integrated to CCTV along with Access Control.

Commercial systems are installed to the European standard BSEN 50131. We can design to the required level ensuring insurance requirements are met. The options include, speech dialling to customer or various levels of remote signalling with differing pulling times dependant on the risk. Our procurement policy is to use tried and tested products available in the normal marketplace. Innovation is always worthwhile, with an eye for reliability and affordability. So whether it’s a simple shop premises with PIR detectors and simple contacts or a large commercial premises with high value stock, we can protect with vibration sensors along with Multi sense detectors. We can provide a balanced view and design.

Products we use are as such

The above have many variants from simple 8 zone controls to Multizone systems with Hybrid Radio capability where wiring situations are difficult.


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